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A Biodiesel Handbook
by Orion Polinksy


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Author's Note

I have always known that I wanted to put my energy into decreasing the impact that humans place on the earth with their daily rituals. The act of turning on your light, or driving to work does not often carry with it the understanding that these simple gestures represent more than the monetary cost. A portion of CO2, carcinogenic hydrocarbons, and displacement of animal habitat is also traded for the duration the light bulb is lit, or the distance you drive. The solution is making people aware of how much energy we are using, by turning ourselves into the producers. If you are generating your own power, then you can visually see any negative impacts you cause and try to make changes to lighten the effects. You can use the sun to produce electrons for electricity or store the sun's energy in sunflower seeds that you can turn into fuel. Take a moment and think about where your energy comes from to power your routine, then think about how you can decrease the impact.

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