How to sulfur grapes

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grapes should  be this size when sulfured

About the only thing you need to do to grow grapes besides water and prune them is apply a little sulfur to them.

Sulfur is a harmless fungicide that can be safely applied. Grapes are still considered organic with sulfur applied to them.

One of the few pests that affects grapes is mildew. To get rid of mildew, apply sulfur when the berries are very small, like bb shots, as in the photo on the left. In California, this is around the first of June.

sulfur machine


Sulfur machine

Purchase any one of several types of sulfur dusting devices at your local plant nursery or hardware store. Here's an example on the left.


How to apply sulfur

Just blow the sulfur all over the grapes and leaves. Avoid sulfuring if it's really really hot as the sulfur could burn the plant a little.

Click here to see a short video of sulfur being applied. Here's the same video in Windows Media Player format.

Organically Acceptable Methods
Sulfur, Serenade, Sonata, and Organic CMS Stylet Oil are acceptable on most organically certified grapes; check with your certifier for details.

That's it; application is the same for any grape variety!